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Our training location

Our training location is located in the “Van Uden” building at Maashaven-Rotterdam. Here we have several spacious classrooms with different practice stations where all skills can be practiced. For example, there is a medical hospital for training the examination of casualties, a working at heights tower and advanced rescue facilities for safety trainings.

On our training location we have:

A model wind turbine

In the adjacent building we have indoor wind facilities including a climbing tower. Here we provide work at height and advanced rescue training.

Free fresh coffee and tea

In the canteen of our training center you can make unlimited use of free freshly ground coffee, tea and soft drinks. Lunch is served fresh daily and is included in the price.



Quay to practice water related skills

For safety training on and near the water, use is made of the quay, where our training center is located

Medical skills training stations

From artificial skins for suture practice to dummy arms in which IVs can be inserted, all medical skills can be practiced realistically in our training center.

LOTUS actors for training medical scenarios

As standard, LOTUS actors are used in several parts of the Medical First Aid and Medical Care. These are professional actors who can recreate all kinds of medical scenarios. During Covid-19 alternatives are used.



Professional trainers with many years of experience

Our courses are taught by experienced instructors. The instructors of the medical courses often have a background in professional healthcare. In daily life they often work in a hospital or as a paramedic in ambulance services. The safety training instructors have many years of experience in the wind and offshore sectors.