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Medical Examination

ECMT also offers the option of medical examinations. We offer all medical examinations for working in the maritime sector, offshore and wind industry. After approval you will receive a medical declaration of health which meets the requirements for the specific sector for which you have been examined. This statement is usually valid for 2 years.

Qualified doctors perform these examinations. Flexibility is also our priority here. Are you already on location to follow one of our courses? Then this can easily be combined with a medical examination following the course day, so that you do not have to come by extra.

Inquire about the possibilities via 010-4952018 or assistant@ec-mt.com.

Content of the medical examination

Hearing tests

Most medical examinations include a hearing test, a so-called audiometry. This test is carried out in our specially insulated, soundproof room.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

For some examinations it is necessary to make a heart film (ECG). These heart films can be made directly on location.

Eye test

Your eyesight will be tested with an eye test.

General health check

You complete an extensive questionnaire about your health. On the basis of this, the doctor makes a statement of your health status.